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Quiz Author

The Quiz Author setting helps the server find the quiz by providing the creator of the quiz.

If you know the quiz author, putting their name here helps greatly.


The Quiz UUID setting specifies the quiz you are playing.

If you know the exact URL or id of the quiz, you can use that here to tell the server which quiz to use.

For example, for the url you would input c2227e28-5cd0-41b6-a758-1d4aca486bda

Quiz Search BETA

Put your search below and press 'Enter' or 'Return'.

Enter Search Term and press 'Enter'

Search Term

The Search Term setting specifies the search term used to find the quiz.

This is now used as of 2.17.0+ to find the quiz and is required if you want to use this to cheat.

Current Guess

Game Options

Timeout Sub Settings BETA
By using these settings, you will overwrite your timeout setting.

This sets the timeout each question based on the time left (excluding answer streak).

Custom Total Points

This sets the timeout for each question in order to get a specific total value.

This setting may not work as it uses a very simple formula that isn't perfect.

Answer Timeout

The Answer Timeout setting allows you to delay answering the question for a specified amount of seconds.

Valid settings are 4 -4 1 - 5

By setting a negative number, the answer timeout varies from that number by one second

To customize the variation, use a range: min - max

Team Members

The Team Members setting specifies the team member names used in team mode games.

Input team members split by a comma. Team members default to "Player 1,Player 2,Player 3,Player 4"

Fail Purposely

Shortcut: ctrl + p

The Fail Purposely setting enables the server to randomly answer questions.

Setting the option to Ask to fail will put a button at the bottom of the screen each question asking whether to fail the question or not. It will not fail the question if you do not choose to fail.

Search Loosely

Shortcut: ctrl + k

The Search Loosely setting allows you to play quizzes that randomize the order of questions.

Loose Search image

Before each question, you must input the question text and choose the question being used. The selected question will be used when the question starts.

If the question starts too quickly, you can use On, wait for confirmation to input the question and then when ready, press the "Ready" button.

Questions are filtered out based on the previous answers and the type of question to help you find the correct question faster.

Challenge Options


The Points setting specifies the amount of points per correct answer on Kahoot Challenges. It has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES

From testing, the maximum working value is 1,500. Any higher numbers break and result in 0 on the challenge host's results.

Enable Streak Points

The Enable Streak Points setting enables answer streak points for challenge games.

By default, it is disabled, meaning that you would get the normal 1000 points for a quick correct answer. When enabled, a second question correct adds an additional 100 points, and so on, capping at 500. This has NO EFFECT on live quizzes.

Disable Question Timer

The Disable Question Timer setting allows you to answer a challenge question without worrying about the timer.




Theme Kahoot

Timeout 0

Team (unset)

Fail OFF

Loose OFF

Brute OFF

Manual OFF

Preview OFF

Skip Team Talk OFF

Save New Preset

About this website

This website is a kahoot bot/"hack" made for the purpose of simply winning the game. It summons a single bot into your game, which uses complex "hacks" to find the game you are playing and answers for you. You can use the menu (esc) to set more options to help it find the quiz! I am also pretty sure that it is working currently as of November 2020.

User theusaf created this website so that he could easily find the answers to quizzes and win.

As time went on, this site got a bunch of features, including random names, improved searching of quizzes and even answering for other players (This feature has been patched by Kahoot).

Why use this website?

This website is great because you don't ruin a game by spamming it with hundreds of bots, but instead send a single, OP bot to claim victory. It also works on Kahoot challenges. The website is run by Heroku, so it is unlikely to go down as well. I also maintain my programs actively, so if there are issues, it can be solved quickly.

This website also supports playing Kahoot Challenges. Just input the pin or url of the challenge and win!


Hey! It's not finding the quiz!

There are many reasons why it might not find the quiz:

  1. You did not input the quiz name or search term yet.
    • Please input the name in the input at the top or in the settings.
    • Kahoot recently removed the quiz name from being sent to the client, meaning that you need to find the quiz yourself.
  2. The quiz is not public.
  3. The quiz has randomized questions

It isn't working/connecting.

This website has been getting lots of traffic, so Kahoot can detect this as a bot when too many quizzes are joined.

If you are on a desktop or laptop, you can download our web/electron application and run it on your own computer.

If you are on mobile, sorry.

What can I use as the pin?

There are various non-numerical pins you can use:

List of options and usage

This list has been removed in 2.19.0. Please use the (?) buttons next to each setting for detailed explanations.

What is the small gear button next to some of the settings?

The small gears in the settings are the 'sub-settings' which allows more control over the option and unlocks extra features.

3.3.0 - Bugs and new features! (Disable the question timer, better quiz id support, lock a quiz, and more!)

3.2.0 - New themes, secrets, bug fixes, and caching improvements.

3.1.2 - Now hides language picker in panic mode. Added the ability to change timeout mid-question (improves timeout sub-option)

3.1.1 - Added some more themes.

3.1.0 - Fixes bugs, adds music and another challenge option.

3.0.0 - Major update. See below:

  • Upgraded backend database and Kahoot api.
  • Minified static files for better performance.
  • Added multiple languages support.
  • Added more options: Ignore Team Talk
    • Allows you to answer during team talk.
  • Improved styling on mobile.
  • Adds a button to view the current quiz Kahoot Winner is using.
  • At the end of a game, tells you the quiz you are playing.

2.19.0 - Bug fixes, improvements, added ability to search for kahoots under (quiz id)

2.18.4 - Bug fixes, improvements, changes to fix misunderstanding about "Always Correct"

2.18.3 - Bug fixes, improvements.

2.18.2 - Various improvements and bug fixes. Moved sub settings to a seperate button.

2.18.1 - Added a custom score and fixed some bugs.

2.18.0 - Added an update detection for future updates. Also, jumble questions have a new UI, now you can drag things around!

2.17.7 - Bug fixes

2.17.6 - Bug fixes and improvements

2.17.5 - Added recaptcha to attempt to prevent bots from crashing the server.

2.17.4 - Performance fixes and improvements

2.17.3 - Bug fixes and improvements. Search Loosely is now a little bit better.

2.17.2 - Various bug fixes.

2.17.1 - Fixed some bugs and added a database of Kahoots to make finding quizzez without user input possible. The database grows as more users use the site.

2.17.0 - Removed Quiz Name from options, made some changes to make it easier to search for Kahoots.

2.16.0 - Added detailed information, fixed bugs, and added the ability to set a custom time frame for answer timeout.

2.15.0 - Added presets and fixed bugs. Access presets in and press the "i" or the "presets" button. Saving a new preset will use current settings. Duplicate names are valid but all will be removed if one is deleted.

2.14.3 - Improved mobile styles, fixed some UI bugs. Added the ability to double-click the settings button to "panic" and hide the non-kahoot UI (same functionality as ctrl+j).

2.14.2 - Improved styling for mobile devices, fixed some bugs

2.14.1 - Locked quiz detection and bug fixes

2.14.0 - Improved functionality for ctrl+j. Now changes title of page and icon. Improved styling of menu. UI style updated to match Kahoot!'s styles. Correct answers should now be more obvious.

2.13.2 - Search loosely is no longer in beta. You can now confirm to continue to the question instead.

2.13.1 - Added a "not working" reporting system. Loose search has been improved, showing less options after each question. There are certain quizzes that loose search will not work well on though. (Quizzes with the same question for all questions. Quizzes with multiple questions with the same correct answer)

2.13.0 - Bug fixes, client now reconnects to the game if the sever goes down. For true/false questions, layout is modified to show blue:red instead of red:blue

2.12.2 - Bug fixes, adding the ability to ask to fail.

2.12.1 - Various bug fixes and improvements

2.12.0 - Bug fixes, added ability to search for quizzes if the quiz has randomized questions.

2.11.7 - Bug fixes, RGB UI, and an ability to wait to go to the next question. You can also see how much time is left at the top (or bottom on mobile)

2.11.6 - Bug fixes

2.11.5 - Fixed some bugs, you can use ctrl+j to hide the UI.

2.11.4 - Improved searching, added ability to join weekly kahoot, and added an option to preview the question before it starts.

2.11.3 - Fail purposely is customizable. Mobile devices can toggle sections of the options.

2.11.2 - Challenges recieved lots of bug fixes. The server also gained lots of bug fixes. Challenges have options, custom points and always correct. Also, multiple select questions have answers that can be togglable.

2.11.1 - You can now input a challenge url for the pin.

2.11.0 - Major improvements to the menu, added the ability to pick themes, fixed lots of issues, and improved searching.

2.10.1 - Added social media to about and login page.

2.10.0 - Added support for Kahoot challenges!

2.9.1 - Improved analytics, small changes to backend. This means that the server will no longer search for kahoots when the quiz name is empty or only full of special characters.

2.9.0 - Added support for new question types and added the ability to reset jumble answers.

2.8.3 - Added a navigation bar to other pages under this domain.

2.8.2 - Fixed a lot more bugs. (A lot...)

2.8.1 - Fixed a lot of backend bugs. This should improve quiz searching. The website now resets itself after the game ends, or if you get kicked, similar to

2.8.0 - Added a tutorial. Improved some things and fixed some bugs.

2.7.2 - Added support to show images. Fixed some issues with styling on mobile.

2.7.1 - Added themes. Choosing a theme yet to happen.

2.7.0 - Removed bugs, added custom team support (in options). Improved Two Factor Authentification pages. Deactivated the supervolcano. Unfortunately, this added a garbage disposal, which nobody knows what it actually does.

2.6.11 - Vastly improved styling. You can now click the "WINNER" text to hide it.

2.6.10 - Removed Hijacking. Kahoot patched this. Greatly improved styling!

2.6.9 - :)

2.6.8 - Improved Styling, improved backend quiz searching.

2.6.7 - Improved Styling, limited quiz searches to 10,000 (at this point, we assume that the quiz is probably unfindable)

2.6.6 - Improved Mobile Styles, can use ESCAPE for menu bar.

2.6.5 - Added changelog

2.6.4 - Saves options upon reload

2.6.3 - Various bug fixes

2.6.2 - Support all question types, improve searching

2.6.1 - Fixes major bug

2.6.0 - Begins backend support for new question types

2.5.3 - Saves options after using shortcuts

2.5.2 - Improves styles, fixes option saving on windows

2.5.1 - Improves UI, adds caching and progressive web app

2.5.0 - Updates icon, removes ads

2.4.3 - Add google analytics and other meta stuff

2.4.2 - Add 404 page

2.4.1 - Add reconnect button

2.4.0 - Improves efficiecy a lot

2.3.6 - Improves player takeover (the last letter of password is 'l')

2.3.5 / 2.3.4 - Various bug fixes and improvements

2.3.3 - Adds hiding the answers in options

2.3.2 - Add about section

2.3.1 - Taking over players is less evil

2.3.0 - Added player takeover

2.2.0 - bug fixes

2.1.1 - fixes bugs again

2.1.0 - added answer highlighting

2.0.1 - added core css and scripts

2.0.0 - begin work on new, website, recode entire project

pre-2.0.0 / 1.0.0 - Essentially the same, but more ugly and had less features and was quite bad.

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